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Having a Baby in College - Pros and Cons

Not so many college students decide to become parents during their studies. In most cases, it happens by chance. Modern students are burdened with numerous responsibilities, and adding another one to the existing duties means torturing yourself. If you think that studying in college presupposes only attending lectures, you’re wrong. The number of assignments students have to complete while studying is enormous.
Moreover, they need time for hobbies, social life, and finally rest. Thanks to the academic writing services, such as writing paper sucks, students can deal with some assignments. But it doesn’t mean that it’s a solution that can let them raise a child.
Let’s discuss this issue. Read the arguments for and against and make a decision. You must know that it can completely change your life, and if something goes wrong, you won’t be able to undo it.

Cons of Being a Parent in College

The number of negative moments is higher, so let’s start with the cons:
- You’re too young. Many people enter college immediately after graduating high school, and when you’re 19-20 years old, you think of everything besides family. Most of all, you want to make friends, have romantic relationships, hang out at parties till late at night, but not to have sleepless nights because your child is crying.
- You need to focus on yourself. People study in college, not without reason: they want to obtain the qualification and find a high-paying job. Combining it with raising a child without harm to each aspect is impossible. Concentrate on your own growth and have children only when you feel that you’re ready. Even though you can address top essay services for academic assistance, striking a balance will anyway be difficult.
- You know nothing about it. Being a parent is a kind of work that needs training. If you think that giving birth is enough to be a good parent, you’re wrong. There are lots of vital skills and information you don’t know yet.
- You have no sufficient funds. Raising a child is more expensive than you can imagine. If you don’t believe it, talk to your parents and count how much money you’ll need to spend. Many students hardly make ends meet, what to say about having a child.

Pros of Having a Child in College

However, there are a few positive moments:
- You’re full of energy. When people are young, they are full of energy and vigor. Those who have a child too late, often can’t keep up with them, but the same cannot be said of students.
- You can opt for part-time or online studying. These options let you devote enough time to your family and your studies.
- You grow up faster. Becoming a parent helps people become mature personalities at such a young age.
- You can deal with some subjects easier. Quite often, many college professors understand how hard you are and can make exceptions for you. If not, you can always use professional assistance from a reliable service. Don’t forget to check its reputation in scamfighter before using it.
- You will have much in common with your child. Having a child in your 20’s will help you avoid the generation gap. You’ll always have something to talk about.