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Wool Puddle Pads
This wool puddle pad is great for keeping your floor or carpet dry and clean when practicing diaper free time. Use it to protect your mattress if you are cosleeping or your baby's mattress in a crib. The smallest size is good for protecting your carseat. Even if you don't practice EC, you will find a use for this puddle pad. Wool is naturally antibacterial and breathable which means it needs very little cleaning and wool naturally harmonizes with your body temperature so your baby will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Liquid puddles up on this pad and is soaked up by your top sheet or receiving blanket, then you just remove the wet linen and replace it with a dry one.  I have sewn an overlock hem around the edges to prevent fraying when washing. Hand wash in lukewarm water with a wool wash and lay flat to dry.
Organic Wool Puddle Pad
15" x 20"     $20
20" x 30"     $30
30" x 40"     $45
​28"x 50"      $75
40" x 50"     $85
50" x 60"     $95
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Moses Basket Mattress (oval):

15 x 30"     $25