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About Naturally Diaper Free
My name is Jenay and I founded Naturally Diaper Free in 2011. My mission is to provide products for Elimination Communication that are well made and good for the Earth. Many of the products for sale on my website are made by myself with love. Whenever possible I use only organic, sustainable or upcycled fabrics. I only sell products that I have used personally and can recommend.

I started Elimination Communication with my daughter when she was 4 months old. I now have 3 kids and our EC practice has been so successful and rewarding. EC has had such a positive influence on my life that I became a Mentor through the non-profit organizaition, Diaper Free Baby, to help teach other families how to do EC.

I have been a knitter and sewer all my life so when I first started EC with my daughter I altered many of her clothes to make EC easier. I cut the bottoms off of her onesies and I ripped open the seams on some of her pants to make split-crotch pants. While this worked, I have continually found ways to make these products better and I am delighted to offer them for sale.

Naturally Diaper Free provides Earth-friendly EC products at a great price.